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Mobile home park saves $135k with SimpleSUB Water’s intelligent flow meter

Case Study

Problem Statement

A Colorado mobile home park faced a significant challenge when state regulations mandated a switch to city water. With infrastructure dating back decades and a tight community budget, the thought of installing individual water meters—essential for fair billing and water conservation—seemed daunting.

SimpleSUB Water’s innovative water metering solution turned this challenge into an opportunity for substantial savings, efficiency, and immediate leak detection, while
providing immediate return on investment.

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  • The transition required a new approach to water usage monitoring and billing to meet state regulations and manage costs effectively.
  • Initial estimates showed that installing individual meters would at least $125k.
  • Finding a master plumber to perform installation across the entire park would have been difficult, further inflating costs and timelines.


  • SimpleSUB Water presented an affordable alternative that could be implemented rapidly across the park at a quarter of the cost of
    traditional metering solutions.
  • The non-invasive meters were installed in
    less than 2 weeks across the property.
  • SimpleSUB’s cloud-connected meters provided
    immediate alerts for leaks.


The experience of this Colorado mobile home park highlights how SimpleSUB Water’s innovative solution can help overcome the challenges of transitioning to city water, dealing with outdated infrastructure, and managing the high costs associated with water management.

  1. Avoided $100k in upfront costs typical with traditional
    submetering by choosing SimpleSUB Water’s non-invasive,
    easy-to-install flow meters.
  2. Helped residents decrease their water costs by one-third
    in the first three months by measuring unit-level usage
    and sharing billing data with residents.
  3. Early detection of seven frozen pipes that burst, preventing thousands of dollars in potential damage.
  4. Saved an additional $35k/year in rising water costs
    by passing on sewer costs to their

Their immediate cost savings on water, combined with the prevention of
extensive damage from burst pipes, prove why SimpleSUB Water is the right choice for modern, efficient, and cost-effective water management in residential communities.


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Saved in upfront costs


Saved on rising water costs per year

I can’t think of another system that is as easy to setup and as reliable as SimpleSUB Water. We were able to install each meter in less than 5 minutes and start billing tenants for their unit-level usage with minimal effort. We quickly saw water costs drop by one-third within 3 months, and when we had 7 frozen pipes burst, their real-time leak alerts prevented thousands in damage.

Lynn Jack

Parker Mobile Home Park

About SimpleSub Water

Established in 2019 by two engineers with career backgrounds in smart water technology, SimpleSUB Water was founded in direct response to a gap in the marketplace: the founders developed the first user friendly, affordable, and accurate water submetering solution.

The solution delivers unprecedented results. The patent-pending design and calibration process, which ensure easy installation and high accuracy, are changing the landscape of clamp-on submetering.