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Take Water Billing from “a Headache” to “Totally Seamless”

This case study describes how the SimpleSUB Water solution can provide relief for HOA and condo association boards dealing with stress, frustration, and inaccuracies around water billing.

Case Study

Problem Statement

The local meter reading company servicing the Greentree Commons Condominiums Association in Chesapeake, VA was notoriously unreliable.

The HOA needed a submetering solution that would facilitate accurate unit-level water billing, without requiring onsite meter readings or additional work for the board.

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Project Summary

The Association’s priority was a user friendly, accurate, low maintenance water billing system. Regina, the board president, researched dozens of solutions before presenting SimpleSUB Water to the board.

The property’s 83 units were already plumbed with mechanical inline submeters, but even if the meters displayed accurate readings, no service provider would interpret them reliably. Remote reporting and automated billing became secondary priorities for the Association, as they were eager to standardize and streamline water billing for their frustrated residents.

SimpleSUB Water’s clamp-on design – which prevented the board from having to amend their bylaws or hiring professional installers – appealed to Regina, so she presented it to the association. The project was successful, and Regina and the entire community now have “a huge weight off” their shoulders.


Meter Readings: In Chesapeake, VA, customers are required to retain a third-party meter reading company, as the utility does not provide meter reading services. Greentree Commons tried working with both of the two local meter reading companies, and the service they experienced was, “Bad and worse. The homeowners would watch the technicians drive up, barely glance at the meter, and drive away.”

Technicians were reporting ‘unreadable meters’ and basing their reports on averages or estimates. In an effort to reduce inconsistencies, Regina and her husband used to personally check and clean every one of the property’s 83 water meters. She even developed a system to de-fog the meters on humid days.

The entire HOA grew frustrated with how much stress the situation was creating, and how unpredictable their water bills were. Regina got her Sundays back when she implemented the SimpleSUB Water solution.


DIY Installation: Two volunteer board members performed installation. They were able to deploy the SimpleSUB solution on a spaced-out timeline that suited the Association budget and residents’ schedules.

Trusted Partners: The customer recruited a third-party utility billing company, Think Utility Services, to manage the property’s unit-level water usage data and billing. Since the Association onboarded the solution, they have experienced stress-free unit-level water billing. Says Regina, “Everything has been smooth since we got installed. They are both fantastic [service providers].”



Clamp-on meters.


Gallons of water saved per month by leak alerts.


Sundays freed yearly.

SimpleSUB is by far the most cost-effective and easiest solution I could find for our building. Their service is thorough and prompt, and in our 18 months as customers we’ve never had a problem.

Jessica M.

VP JL Melton Construction Inc.

About SimpleSub Water

Established in 2019 by two engineers with career backgrounds in smart water technology, SimpleSUB Water was founded in direct response to a gap in the marketplace: the founders developed the first user friendly, affordable, and accurate water submetering solution.

The solution delivers unprecedented results. The patent-pending design and calibration process, which ensure easy installation and high accuracy, are changing the landscape of clamp-on submetering.