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Intelligent, Innovative Submetering

Conserve water and build value with SimpleSUB Water.

Start Submetering in Minutes, Not Days.

The Z1 Flow Meter makes water submetering affordable and approachable for multi-unit building owners, managers, and investors.

Accuracy levels never before seen with ultrasonic devices.

Our two-part solution relies on the patent-pending Z1 Flow Meter and proprietary web app. The system provides users with accurate unit-level water usage data using an all-new calibration process that yields precise and consistent results.

Works on Different Kinds of Pipe:

types of pipes

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SimpleSUB is by far the most cost-effective and easiest solution I could find for our building. Their service is thorough and prompt, and in our 18 months as customers we’ve never had a problem.

Jessica M.

VP JL Melton Construction Inc.

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