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SimpleSUB Water is…simple.

Clamp-on submetering is a risk-free way to implement unit-level water monitoring in multi-unit buildings.

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Submeter in a few easy steps with our innovative clamp-on solution.

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No plumber, no pipe cutters.


The Z1 Flow Meter clamps on to the pipe using zip ties, so your plumbing system remains intact. The included tensioning tool ensures a snug fit around the pipe, so you won’t have to revisit your meters.

Cellular connectivity.


With the press of a button, the Z1 Flow Meter connects to cellular internet. Our bundled contract includes all the major carries, so the meter can self-select the best network connection at its point of installation.

Automated reports.


Once connected, the meter automatically reports usage data to the web app. The web app has a property overview and individual unit views. Downloadable, unit-level usage reports make sharing data straightforward and easy.

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Calibrated Ultrasonic Sensors

The thickness and density of a pipe wall vary by material and diameter of a pipe. SimpleSUB’s engineers program the sensors on every meter for a particular pipe diameter and material, ensuring we achieve +/-5% accuracy in almost every scenario.

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Cellular Internet

The Z1 Flow Meter is programmed to self-connect to the internet upon activation of the device. Cellular internet is more stable and lower maintenance than WiFi or radio transceivers (power outages or shaky WiFi service won’t impact your meters!), and also allows for the meters to be wireless.

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Wireless Design

The durable lithium battery enclosed in the device has a conservative 8-10 year lifespan. Once you install your SimpleSUB system, you can expect consistent and reliable service without having to visit your property.

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Exciting is exactly the right description. I think this is the beginning of a revolution for commercial building utility monitoring and billing.

Darlene H.

Commercial Property Manager, Griffis/Blessing Inc.